IT Division

We are a leading provider of the best brands in infrastructure and services to South African business. For companies seeking a competitive advantage, we provide robust market leading solutions that help manage some of the most important areas of your operating budget.

We have over 100 years management experience which translates into better execution of your service needs. We provide a structured audit approach to analyse and execute value deliverables across our range of infrastructure portfolios.

IT Services


The solutions suite offered by DJ Holding is anchored by our market leading CRM solution whereby all service offerings are managed by Service Level Agreements which translate into enhanced performance to our clients.

The solutions portfolio covers VOIP, IP PBX, Fixed Mobile Convergence, Network Management Server, Call Centers, Hosted PBX and P.A. Systems.

Dj Holding’s product line delivers end to end solutions that when bundled with Industry leading SLA’s offers unrivalled peace of mind. Solutions include Voice & Data Carrier Services, IP PBX, VOIP, and Network Management Services. The accent in this stable has been placed on the management across the network as well as solutions that are easily scalable with open architecture for 3rd party integration.

Voice cost savings drive this sector’s growth. Ongoing legislated interconnect drops between voice carriers provide ongoing opportunities for
customers to reduce telephony costs.


The demand for security solutions has never been higher. Companies now recognize the cost of unmanaged assets being one of the largest risks with which they are faced. Benefits include asset protection, staff protection, reductions in insurance premiums, improved staff productivity and reduction in manned security personnel.

New technologies allow for remote laptop and cell phone integration thereby allowing personnel to check on threats without compromising their safety.

Connectivity & Firewalls

In an increasingly data-centric world connectivity has become the focal point of the ICT strategy. Business’ demand for bandwidth and robustness has never been higher and shows no signs of slowing down. DJ Holding couples best-in-industry options with strong data security skills.

Remote Management

Proactive maintenance and monitoring is a key differentiator as it enables faster and more efficient service response. By integration of service alarms into the customer network we are able to proactively monitor email alarms and remotely maintain the majority of our systems. The reduction in downtime and improved productivity has a significant impact on your organizations competitive advantage.

Open Architecture

Organisational complexity is increasing, and businesses are demanding higher flexibility from their systems architecture. DJ Holding has selected largely from open architecture systems the best of breed technologies that allow for seamless integration with 3rd party systems. From CCT to IP PBX, the ability to communicate and develop systems to customized needs is crucial and the core to the DJ Holding Strategy.

World Class SLA’s

DJ Holding has established world class SLA’S that allow for optimum system functioning and business continuity. The commitment to these standards separates transactional vendors from the ones looking to establish an ongoing partnership with their customers.

IP Centric

While many venders operate in a legacy technology comfort zone, DJ Holding has used its IP centric mind set to add value by implementing next generation technologies that protect capital investment and have significantly higher return on investment opportunities to our customers.

Relationship Management Approach

Audit trends have shown that the most significant cost to organizations is the cost of not operating their assets in an efficient manner. Systems not kept up to date or augmented with new technology and software to reflect the changing market result in higher costs than the asset purchase itself. DJ Holding’s broad solutions suite and relationship management approach ensures that new technologies and systems are communicated regularly and updated to take advantage of these opportunities.

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